I am Jinpu, a pragmatic programmer from Beijing, China, currently working on Qunar.com. I’m senior front-end architect of Qunar.com and leader of front-end team.


I am passionate about many topics including Front-end Develop Research, User Experience Research, Functional Programming, Mathematics. Maybe I am an expert of Front-end Develop, a hacker of other interesting things.

This blog is where I keep track of stuff that continue to fascinate me. Those include Programming, Design and Life.

If you want to know me personally, you may want to use email. If you have absolutely nothing else to do you can go through my blog’s articles.


email: hujinpu#gmail.com


This is my personal blog. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my employer(s) or any other organization(s) I am associated with.

Comment policy

I reserve (and sometimes enjoy) the right to remove unwanted, meaningless, tasteless, stupid, racist, or rude comments posted here. I reserve the right to decide what belongs to the above mentioned categories.

  1. mywaiting says:


  2. ayanmw says:

    才发现,你的博客原来是WordPress,看了半天我才看出来(chrome 审查元素看到的)…

  3. jason says:

    天朝太和谐了,我在google reader里添加了你的订阅,但是无法打开。可能是你的域名或者是title里有关键字吧?悲剧!(貌似是hjp)

  4. htmlcssjs says:

    好多英文的啊 不知道怎样去翻译呢

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